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"Behind every dancer who believes in themselves is a dance Instructor whom believed in them first!"

Class Descriptions



The Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre uses a medal system (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and the Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) Syllabus to teach group classes and private lessons.  The DVIDA Syllabus is recognized by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA), United States Terpsichore Association (USTA) and many more national and international organizations.  All classes are taught in six week sessions starting with Intro and continuing through Silver.  Special Workshops are offered through out the year by Asheville Ballroom Instructors and visiting coaches and professional choreographers.  All classes, except for the Special Workshops, meet once per week for 50 minutes.


Ballroom Intro 1,2 & 3 and Bronze I Classes:
The Ballroom Intro 1-3 classes and the Bronze I class are six week classes and concentrate on basic rhythms and patterns of the 6-Major Ballroom Dances, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba and Swing.  Beginners start with Intro 1 which requires no prior dance experience! We rotate the class so no partner is needed, everyone dances! Students who are taking the Intro Classes have an opportunity during the six week session to take one fifty minute private for $35 with one of the class instructors. It is highly recommended that students purchase this $35 private which will enhance their learning experience here at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre!

Bronze II, Bronze III & Bronze IV Classes:
Bronze II, Bronze III & Bronze IV classes continue teaching the 6 Major Dances, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Swing and Cha Cha.  These classes are challenging and fun!  Students will begin to work on style and techniques with your basic patterns. These classes requires completion of Intro 1-3 and Bronze I or permission from the Instructor. Students will remain in each Bronze Level class for 18 weeks. Each Bronze Student who is taking the Bronze II, Bronze III & Bronze IV classes have an opportunity during the six week session to take one fifty minute private for $35 with the Bronze II, III & IV class Instructor. Students are highly recommended to purchase this $35 private which will enhance their learning experience here at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre!

Secrets To Silver Class:
The Secrets To Silver class is designed to familiarize students with dance concepts, dance components, and the technique that develops the unique characteristics of each dance. Students must be in the Bronze III/IV Program to join this class. Students who are taking the Secrets To Silver Class have an opportunity during the six week session to take one fifty minute private for $35 with the Secrets To Silver Class Instructor. Students are highly recommended to purchase this $35 private which will enhance their learning experience here at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre!

Silver Classes:
Requires the completion of Full Bronze in all dances being offered or permission of the Instructor.  This class concentrates on the excellence of technique, styling of movement, and the Silver patterns from the DVIDA Syllabus. Silver students have an opportunity during the six week session to take one fifty minute private for $35 with one of the Silver Class Instructors. Students are highly recommended to take this $35 private which will enhance their learning experience here at the Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre.

Specialty Workshops:
The Asheville Ballroom & Dance Centre Instructor’s and visiting Ballroom & Country Professionals periodically host Workshops throughout the year. During this time, we try to offer special workshops that are usually 1-2 hours long concentrating on a specific dance or dance technique. 


Group Classes

***New Group Class Sessions begin week of 5/16/22***

SPICY Salsa, Bachata & Merengue
w/ Elena & Rick
Elena Rick Zeki.jpeg
Youth Class w/ Kem Overby

Kem Overby, a certified Grand Master, began his career in 1975 as an assistant in a college disco class.  Over the next 4 decades Kem was able to train with some of the top Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire, and Independent coaches in the world.  

He began judging students in 1980 and judging teachers in 1981.  

Specializing in Pro/Am competitions mainly, Kem's teams have won hundreds of Top Student, Top Teacher, and Top Studio Awards. 

On the Pro/Pro circuit, he was a Rising Star finalist and Open Championship finalist.  

Earlier this year, Kem began competing Pro/Am and Pro/Pro on a National Country Western Circuit.

Currently Kem is certified to judge Championship Levels in American Style Rhythm and Smooth as well as Championship Level International Latin and Standard.  He is also a registered Examiner for Dancevision. 

His duties include the training of teachers, along with giving exams for the teachers when they are ready to be certified as Professional Dancers.

Kem gives full credit for his success to his students.

Kem_Pic for website_edited.jpg
Country & West Coast Swing- w/Judyanne Campbell & Lee Starr
Ballroom Bronze II, III & IV w/ Judyanne

Judyanne and Zeki Asheville Ballroom Instructors

Judyanne Campbell grew up in Rochester, N.Y., where she started dancing at the age of six.  She is ballet and jazz trained, and has performed on countless stages and venues through the years. Dancing has always been a large part of her life, from Performing Arts to certification in Aerobic Dance Fitness.  So, when she came to the Asheville Ballroom in 2006, it didn’t take her long to realize that her next dance venture needed to be as an instructor in a ballroom.  She is truly grateful to have been given that opportunity.

Through the Asheville Ballroom she received her Terpsicore Certification.  Judyanne now teaches group and private lessons in American Smooth, Rhythm, all the Country Dances. No matter what your dance goals are, social, competitive, wedding day, or just to “give it a try”, Judyanne can help you to realize them.

Judyanne has a deep desire to be the best instructor she can be.  She wants to elevate each student to their highest potential through a fun and productive learning process.  If you are thinking about learning to dance, or polishing up your skills from past experience, be prepared for one thing; the bite from the “dance bug” is contagious, but it doesn’t hurt….not a bit!

You may reach Judyanne at 828-231-2773 or

Lee Starr- All the info on the AMAZING Lee Starr COMING SOON!!!

Lee Star.jpg
Ballroom Intro I, II, III & Bronze I- w/
Elena & Wayne
Elena 3.jpeg

Elena Pashina Binder a certified DVIDA Ballroom Dance Instructor, Professional Performer and Competitor. 

Elena started her dance career at the age of 7 in Russia. Since then she has competed and performed nationally and internationally.

Elena was honored to be one of the Dance Partners and Instructors in Local Dancing with the Stars two years in a row. 


Her Students range from beginners, wedding couples, performers, and competitors


Elena's Dance Style: American Rhythm, International, and Club (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata) 


Elena teaches the following classes at Asheville Ballroom and Event Centre: 


Salsa/Bachata/Merengue (Beginners)-Tuesdays at 7pm

Salsa/Bachata/Merengue (Intermediate)- Tuesdays at 6pm 


Ballroom (Intro I)- Thursday evenings

Ballroom (Intro III)- Thursday evenings

Ballroom (Bronze I)- Thursday evenings


Wayne 1.jpg

Wayne Tipton began dancing in the late 1970s during the disco era and it was then he developed a love for the sport.


He took up ballroom dancing in the mid 2000's and became a DVIDA certified instructor shortly thereafter. He has traveled this great land of ours competing and winning in both Ballroom and Country competitions nationwide and has enjoyed every minute of it!

Wayne specializes in the Ballroom dance styles, Country dance styles, and the Club dance styles such as Hustle, Bachata, Salsa and the like.

Wayne also loves working with beginners and is highly sought after by couples needing help with special events such as couple’s wedding dances, mother-son dance, father-daughter dance, and other special events such as prom night.

Ballroom Fundamentals of Silver Waltz
w/ John King

            John King- Bio COMING SOON!!!

Ash and  John .jpg
Secrets2Silver- w/Katherine Wu
Silver- w/Kelly & Katherine

Kelly Spradlin began competitive Ballroom dancing as an amateur after college. After winning a National Title as a student dancer she started her professional career in Florida.  As a professional Competitor, Kelly’s is a former Southeastern US Champion in American Smooth and Rhythm (multiple years), and a National Finalist in the International Standard Style of dance. Upon moving to North Carolina, Kelly owned and operated the Carolina Ballroom Company in Asheville, and after attending Law School, the Blue Ridge Dance Center, with two locations in Asheville and Johnson City, TN.  Kelly established and coached the Blue Ridge Formation Dance Team comprised of 20 Amateur Competitive Ballroom dancers who performed and competed for 10 years, many who continue to dance with the Asheville Ballroom.  She produced, wrote and choreographed benefit shows in IL and NC for multiple Not-for-Profit organizations.Kelly loves teaching and performing with students.  As a Pro/Am teacher Kelly and students have won many awards traveling throughout the US, including:  Male students winning Championships, Scholarships and Top Student Awards; Kelly winning Top Teacher Awards, with highlights as Reserve National Circuit Champion and Multiple Top Awards at the Heritage Ballroom Classic Championship held in Asheville.  At the Asheville Ballroom Kelly teaches the Advanced Social Dance Classes, and Private students by appointment.  Kelly Spradlin and Katherine Wu organize the Halloween Dance Festivals.

Katherine Wu has been dancing for over 30 years and has been teaching since 2004.  As a student, she competed successfully in the Open American Smooth and International Standard Pro/Am divisions in several national competitions.  She also competed professionally in the Rising Star & Open American Smooth divisions, and currently competes with her students in local and national competitions.  She is certified with the DanceVision International Dance Association (DVIDA) through the Masters level in American Smooth, the Grand Master level of American Rhythm and the Associate level in the International Standard and Latin.  She continues to work towards her next levels of certification in both the International and American styles. 


Katherine loves helping her students reach their dance goals at any level, from the first-time dancer to wedding couples to those who have been dancing for 20+ years!  Seeing the lightbulb turn on for someone, as they feel their body flow in sync with another, is one of the most rewarding moments of her teaching day!  Katherine is very excited to be a part of the beautiful Asheville Ballroom and looks forward to making many more fun dance memories here!  

Private Lessons

All of our amazing Group Class instructors above ALSO teach Private Lessons as well as the instructors in which we have listed below.

Private Lessons are available throughout the week and on weekends by appointment only and can be scheduled for the individual student, couple or may be shared by up to 4 people and enable you to concentrate on your specific needs and goals. 

                                                            Don’t hesitate to ask your Instructor for details.

John King

John and Maria 2.jpg

Kitty Williams


Zeki Maviyildiz

Zeki Maviyildiz_Asheville Ballroom Instructor

Dance Sport  DeeJays

Phil Noland

Phil Noland_Dance Sport DJ-Asheville Ballroom
Sonny Coren (Sonny Day) Asheville Ballro

Sonny Coren (Sonny Day)

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