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291 Sweeten Creek Road Asheville, NC 28803

Email: ​

Tel: 828.274.8320

Thank you! Someone from our Dance Department will respond as quickly as possible.

Life is about moments…
don’t wait for them… Create them!

Katherine Corn  Owner/President  828.274.8320 

Melinda Smith  Executive Director of Operations/Business Manager   828.274.8320

ABDC Instructors: 

Elena Binder 828.989.0132

Judyanne Campbell 828.231.2773

Rick Harris 828.779.3177 

John King 305.433.1359

Zeki Maviyildiz 336.251.2434

Kem Overby 828.231.1582

Lee Starr 828.691.4969

Wayne Tipton 828.777.1557

Kitty Williams 828.778.2785

Katherine Wu 828.551.9789

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